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About Xana

Xana was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal and her love and interest in Art started as a child. Despite being shy and sensitive she was always curious and appreciative of the beauty around her. Her mother's delicate and creative nature and their father's artistic family members influenced and inspired her. In high school, she pursued a Technological Arts and Crafts Professional Course to expand her artistic knowledge and skills. Later on, Xana focused on her other passion, child development, and education, and also gained experience in administrative jobs. In 2015, she established her own business that combined her love for arts and education through play, a fulfilling experience that allowed her to pursue her longtime dreams. After two years, she felt the need to evolve further in her career and personal development, and she decided to move to the USA to study business and arts. Along the way, by serendipity of destiny she had a spiritual awakening that connected her even more with her soul's purpose and essence. Now, Xana is exploring her creativity and potential as an artist and sharing it with others. Guided by her intuition and aligned with the Universe, her free spirit and positive energy. She feels grateful and happy to share this journey with everyone!



Artist Statement

As an artist, I am always fascinated by learning, exploring, and experimenting with different mediums, techniques, and art concepts. My body of work includes jewelry design and fabrication, drawings, paintings, and mixed media. I am especially inspired by the beauty of nature, mystical dreamlands, and spirituality, and I try to reflect that inspiration in my creations by utilizing vibrant colors and fluid curvilinear lines, strokes, and shapes. My art aims to share an attentive view of the magnificence that surrounds us, inviting us to live in the present moment with childlike curiosity and an open door to imagination and creativity.

I had the pleasure of participating in the Meet the Artist Talk with the Portuguese American Art Gallery. You can watch the full video by clicking on the link below.

PALCUS- Meet the Artist Xana Ramos

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