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      Mobile Art Services

Children's Art Parties , Adults' Paint Parties and more!

Are you ready to make this party colorful and fun?
We will come to you and provide all the materials, step-by-step instructions,  set-up, and clean-up so you can have a stress-free, creative experience.

Painting supplies include Tablecloths, Easels, Paintbrushes, Acrylic Paints, Water Cups, Paper Towels, and Canvas. ( valid for both children's and adults' painting events).

Jewelry supplies include:

(depending on the children's age): beads, polymer clay, air clay, wire, chains, seashells, stones, etc.

Crowns, hats, and sunglasses supplies include (depending on the project and children's age): construction paper, felt, pom pons, feathers, stickers, velcro, hats, glue, fabric paint, markers, sparkles, sunglasses, letter beads, etc.

You provide the Venue, Tables,  and Chairs, and we'll bring the Entertainment.
The minimum number of participants for a children's art party is 6, displayed in the 1st option. If you would like to add more little Artists, you can use the option of extra participants, or if you want to add multiples of 6, click on the first option the many times you need, (max.24 participants). Art parties have a duration of approximately 2 hours, depending on the number of children and the difficulty of the project. All participants in the party will receive a certificate of participation, and the birthday kid will receive a surprise gift.


Adult paint parties or all-ages events can be hosted as private events in your home, work, or venue. 

Tell us the party's theme or favorite subject for the painting, and Xana will create a custom artwork to inspire the party group.

XanARTS will also create art events where you can join solo or with family and friends, stay tuned to see the upcoming events.
Book now, and let's party together!

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