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18" diameter

Mixed-media, acrylic on wood, gold leaf, resin, LED lights; an interactive frame that manually spins.

Yin-yang and Koi fish to translate how two opposite forces work together and permit the smooth flow of energy. The two koi fishes resemble female and male beings swimming together, representing the harmony of two opposite energies coming together as one, creating a perfect balance.
The pair of koi fishes with yin yang represents passionate love and happy marriage. 🎏

Oneness is a feeling of interconnectedness, a transcendence of boundaries or dividers. It is usually experienced as an intense heart-opening and awareness of the inherent goodness of all beings.
We gain the ability to see beauty everywhere, in everything and everyone.✨

I want to bring the message and consciousness of Oneness to the world,  we are all different individually, if we combine our forces we are One, One Humankind, One with Planet Earth, One with the Universe, One Love. 💫



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