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Shining Beneath the Surface


Mediums: Rockite Cement, Acrylic Paint and Epoxy Resin on canvas

Shining Beneath the Surface

Mystical underwater forest with swirly and flowy embossed flora, enlightened from above, involved in sparkly waters are striking, still, our eyes are directed to the golden seahorse glowing just by standing in his Truth. The Seahorse is connected with various Divine beings in many different cultures, it represents protection and good luck in the sea. It is named Hippocampus (horse sea monster) that relates to the part of our brain that controls memory, for that it is known as a keeper of history, including our past lives. It is a magnificent creature that lights up Human's imagination and creativity.

It moves slowly and uses only its tail to anchor in stormy seas, which symbolizes patience, serenity, and persistence. This little creature's eyes can look in opposite directions at the same time, giving them the meaning of observation and awareness. The Seahorse reminds us that we must fill our inner well if we are to truly help others and ourselves. When One looks deeper within, to the core of the Soul and surrender to its own Light and Love then can enlighten others. Another Great and unusual meaning of the Seahorse is the amazing partnership between the males and females of the species, when the father carries the babies in pregnancy, shows kindness and companionship, and is said to mate for life.

Layers of Rockite cement added thickness to the canvas,  painted with acrylic paints, sparkling glitter, and epoxy resin sealing it with a glassy finish coating, just like if the art piece is still covered with glossy water.

Shinning Beneath the Surface


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